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Program Generators


One to five day courses are available. Each course is customized to meet customer needs. Select and choose topics from different courses to create your own customized curriculum for your location. Send your request to Craig Cleaveland.

I love to teach. Over the past 22 years I have taught a wide variety of subjects in both academia and industry, both short term and long term. I can create courses and love the challenge of finding just the right way to express and teach concepts, both abstract and practical. I prefer to limit my teaching to the areas of Java, XML, domain engineering, software architectures, and internet applications, but am willing to step beyond those bounds.

The services I can provide in this area include

  • Course Delivery: I can teach short term full day courses (up to a week) or a series of courses spread over a number of weeks. (I also work with companies such as Progressive Solutions and JLicense.)

  • Combined Teaching and Consulting: I can come to your organization, learn your objectives, and deliver an integrated combination of teaching and consulting suited to your specific needs. This may also lead to an on-going coaching/consulting role.

  • Course Development: I can organize and create a course from scratch including all course materials for both students and instructors.

Also see my consulting services and contracting services.