Program Generator Projects and Activities

Template Language as described in Chapter 12
Jostraca, a general purpose code generation toolkit for software developers. It uses a JSP-style template language for generating code.
Generative Programming - Methods, Tools, and Applications, a web site for Krzysztof Czarnecki's and Ulrich W. Eisenecker's book.
Harmony Software is the home for ivy*meta SDTB, formerly known as MetaTool and Stage from Bell Laboratories.
Institute for Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbilt University is heavily funded, mostly DARPA, in the area of generators/program synthesis. Their core research is in the synthesis of domain-specific models.
Houston Technology Group is the home of the EJBX Code Generator. It's input is an XML-based specification and the output is the software support code for a range of EJB database access layer.
Quick, is a Java-based tool for generating and processing XML. It generates Java programs for processing XML files.
JavaML, an XML-based Source Code Representation for Java Programs. This can provide a way to generate XML representations of Java programs.
eXtenDE, an extensible development environment based on XML and Java, yet another potential environment for creating XML-based program generators.
Libero translates state diagrams into programs in a variety of languages using a programmable code generator.
The DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit is a software synthesis and maintenance toolkit that enables the analysis, translation, and/or reverse engineering of large-scale software systems, containing arbitrary mixtures of languages ("domains"). DMS can also be used for domain-specific program generation.
Java and EJB code generation, a site with links to articles and products.
SourceCafe is a Java source code generator and aims to be a Rapid Application Prototyping solution for generating up to 80% of a database-driven web application.
SmartTools System: Aspect and XML-oriented Semantic Framework Generator.
CodeWorker is a scripting language adapted to code generation that integrates an extended BNF-parsing syntax to be able acquiring the design of what to generate for any kind of format.
Jenerator is a multipurpose Java code generator based on XML and XSLT. It generates EJB 2.0, Unit Tests for JUnit and Cactus, JDO, J2EE and GOF patterns, ANT Scripts and servlets.
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