Template Language

The Template Language (TL) as described in Chapter 12 of Program Generators with XML and Java is available with an open source license. The zipped file contains:
  1. license.txt, an open source license for TL
  2. TL.jar, the complete set of classes used by TL. The jar file contains a translator from the XML form of TL to Java (TL2Java), and translators between the simple and XML forms of TL (XML2simple, Simple2XML).
  3. Change History
  4. Documentation and Examples
  5. a source code directory (that includes TL2Java.xml, TL2Java1.java, XPathContext.java, and ProgramWriter.java)
The zipped directory does not contain:
  1. James Clark's xt.
  2. Takuki Kamiya's omquery.