Declare Options

Description The declare attributes define various program-generator options, including classname, extends, implements, and imports. The "import" option is used to insert an import statement in the program generator file. The "classname" option is used to explicitly define the class name of the program generator. In general, you won't ever need to use the classname option because by default the classname is derived from the name of the output file on the command line. The "extends" option is used to define the superclass of the program generator. The default superclass is Object. The "implements" option is used to specify an interface class for the program generator.
Simple Form
#declare attribute(s) #
XML Form
<declare attributes(s)/>
Translation to Java
Dependent on the particular declare option
Example Template x.template

#declare import="*"#
#declare implements="MyPGInterface"#
#declare extends="MyPGBase"#

Example Spec spec.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<name>don't care</name>
Generated Output x